how much do moving companies charge

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If your relocation is local, movers generally charge per hour for the duration of the move. Rates vary by company, but the average rate across.

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Hiring a moving company may be expensive – but most will agree it’s well worth the money! Here’s a look at how much an interstate move will likely cost you.

How much moving companies charge per hour depends on how many movers you will need, how many hours they will work and it depends on the area where you live. For two men and a truck, you may pay an hourly rate between $70 to over $120, again depending on your area and $45 to $65 for an extra mover – again,

moving for a job If you’re a member of the Armed Forces on active duty, you may be eligible to deduct moving expenses if your move was due to a military order and permanent change of station. You may be able to deduct your unreimbursed moving expenses for you, your spouse and dependents. permanent change of station.

Local moving companies charge around $25 per hour per mover. It should take 3 movers roughly 6 hours to move a 2 bedroom apartment locally, so about $450 for labor alone. When moving long distance, the price can reach around $3500 for an average weight of 5000 lbs.

How much does a moving company cost? Jul 12, 2019. Local moving companies typically charge $30-$50 per mover per hour, which includes a moving truck.

Ultimately, it’s the pre-defined parameters of your household move, plus the moving company you choose, that will determine how much you pay for the professional packing service. To get much more accurate quotes based on your specific needs and budget , fill out the movers and packers cost calculator .

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A two bedroom apartment or house will need 3 movers and about 5 – 6 hours of work which means an average of $350 – $400 total charge. A three bedroom flat or house would take approximately 7 – 8 hours of work which means that the movers charge could go up to about $800 – $900.