moving a grand piano

Pianos may be moved by owners with special care to both the safety of the piano and the owner. An alternative for do-it-yourselfers is to hire a piano moving service to wrap and load the piano into the moving truck.

No outside parties – Modern Piano Moving handles 100% of the move Affordable Valuation on every piano move, with no preconceived limits or deductible Whether it is a spinet, upright, baby grand or concert grand, trust us to be your professional piano mover!

Looking to buy a piano dolly or piano truck? Handtrucks2go has a great selection of piano movers/dollies for your grand concert, upright, and digital pianos. Always on sale up to 30% off. We also have moving equipment that will work for most pianos like t

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What a grand piano cover! This baby grand piano cover is perfect for moving and movers alike. This substantial moving blanket has a reinforced base panel made from a ballistic nylon which will undoubtedly increase the life of the cover. With an extended life, movers can save money and time. Quick and easy to put on, fits on grand pianos (from 5.

How much does it cost to move a baby grand. – I would certainly use professional movers with experience moving babies. Of course they charge by the mile but another factor are steps. It only takes two guys to move a piano but if there are steps or stairs, that requires a third person. If bloc.

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Expert Piano Moving moves all types of pianos, ranging from spinets, consoles, uprights and digitals to 9-11ft foot concert grand pianos and specialty pianos of all kinds. We safely move pianos up or down flights of stairs, over flagstone pathways or up onto balconies and more. Whatever it takes.

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The safest way to move a grand piano (and the way that professional movers do it) is to load it onto a rolling skid board, which is basically a load-bearing board on wheels. With as many people as possible on hand to assist you, lift the bass corner of the piano and unscrew or otherwise remove the leg there.